A message from Revd Louise

Dear friends,

I am interested to know how you all are with these changed conditions and hope new pathways of communication are being forged within the community and appreciated.

Please feel free to send me an email or a phone call as you wish at any time.

I, like many of my colleagues are embracing changes in ministry and exploring what this looks like, and are finding that through various means of communication we are reacting to perceived needs, and reaching many people from outside our regular ‘church going’ community.

This is interesting as we project what church may look like when we resume our traditional services. In our readings this week we have touched on welcoming the stranger and what that looks like; as we ask, ‘who is the stranger?’ This is highlighted in our Gospel reading this week, as the resurrected Christ walks beside two people on the road to Emmaus, who thought their companion was a stranger, but was in fact their Saviour.

This reminds us that Christ is there with us, even when we might not be able to recognize him, not just in church on Sundays as we sing hymns and say prayers, but in our everyday lives.

Revd. Louise